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Bluenova Ltd

Bluenova Ltd was established in 2013 and is exclusive distributor of the two leading producers HABE BETONCHEMIE GMBH, Germany, (concrete admixtures) and MEGAPLAST SA, Greece, (FIBER FILM ). Furthermore we supply all kind of packaging material such as stretch hood, shrink film, PET strap, etc.


Concrete Products Range

  • Concrete admixtures
  • Concrete colours
  • Surface Protection systems
  • Fibres
  • Additives

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A new Era in Stretch Film

FIBER FILM is a unique high-efficiency stretch film with reinforcement elements (fibers) that increase Tear Resistance. This film provides excellent load stability whilst being easy to apply the fibers allow less film to be used to secure the load.

FIBER FILM is perfect choice of minimising your cost to wrap the pallet.

FIBER FILM can be used to wrap all types of loads and is suitable for both hand and machine applications.

FIBER FILM is fully recyclable and uses less plastic to secure the load.

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